Special Memories Forever in Art

Commissioned art is the unique gift of timelessness.
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A Virtual Gathering Place

NoFucks Bar and Grille is a virtual gathering place serving raw content food for thought.

This Hawaii jungle garden backyard on the slopes of the Kilauea volcano is where we're breaking ground and setting up shop.

Cool mountain air, jungle noises, frequent rains and equally frequent sunshine every day is our ideal peaceful environment for creating a life from simply living day to day.

NoFucks Bar & Grill is where we share our journey's tales of discovery.


Hi, My Name is Krisada,

I’ve been an artist all my life.

Even when I was a 4 year old in Thailand, I think I knew I was an artist, whatever that means at that age.

I sold my first commissioned artwork at 10 years old to a teacher for $20.

Many years later I started selling more commissions to the managers and owners of the restaurant I bartended at.

When that restaurant sold to Brinker International (Chili's and other restaurants) I suddenly, almost overnight, became a professional full time portrait artist working from home with my first big corporate contract that those patron managers facilitated for me.

Now I find myself back after 30 years of a successful marketing career, exploring a very different world with my 4 year old artist self at the wheel.

~ Krisada